Farmville Little as the Night Quest Prepping for Halloween

By | September 17, 2012

Welcome to haunted hollow chapter 1 ! if you already have early access then you can start farmville little as the night quest !

Meet Lillian and help here with the Mansion Magic show in these missions 🙂

get some new quests item :
Nightmare Goat, Floating Witch Fountain, Murky Pond, Fire Hydra, Dark Bramble Tree, Purple Nightmare Stallion

goals guide :

goal 1: Farmville Little as the Night Quest
Get 6 Witch Feathers
Harvest 15 Jack O’ Lanterns
Harvest 15 Sage

goal 2: Farmville Lighten Up the Night Quest
Get 6 Miracle Glows
Harvest 20 Tombstones
Vote on 1 Photo

goal 3: Farmville Lurk in the Murk Quest
Get 6 Murk Tonics
Harvest 30 Zombies
Make 1 Witch’s Brew

goal 4: Farmville Fire in the Mire Quest
Get 6 Firefalfa Sprigs
Harvest 40 Ghoul Garlic
Make 1 Nightshade Sherbet

goal 5: Farmville Around the Brambles Quest
Get 6 Thorn Seeds
Harvest 30 Sage
Harvest 30 Zombies

goal 6: Farmville Night Riding Quest
Get 6 Riding Cloaks
Harvest 60 Jack O’ Lanterns
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