FarmVille Llama

By | April 28, 2010

FarmVille Llama ! finally the llama is here on farmville 🙂 it’s not the same like farmVille alpaca – white llama

llama on farmville

how to get llama on farmville ?
you can get llama from your friends walls, because llama is one of the lost animal and to adopt lost animal on farmville you can see it in how to adopt lost animal in farmville

xxx found a sad llama on their farm. Oh no!
xxx was farming when a sad Llama wandered onto their farm in Farmville. his lonely llama ran away from her old herd because the other llamas were fighting all the time. She feels very sad and could use a new herd and a new home

click adopt the Llama then you will see this pop up on your farm :

you adopted the llama ! would you like to give her a home now ?

find the sad llama on farmville news feed and adopt her because she’s adoptable 😛

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