Farmville Looking For Love Quest

By | January 19, 2011

Farmville Looking For Love Quest ! look there’s a new quest icon on the left side : red pink sheep

Looking for Love in farmville

click to see the first farmville valentine’s day quest requirement

Hi ! My best sheep here needs a mate. I think a spruced up Cupid’s Castle will put her in the mood for love. Help her find the Ram of her dreams !

Buy 1 Pink Rose Stand
Pretty up your farm with a pink rose stand. Check out the market under “Decorations”

Place Cupid’s Castle on your farm
Once she sees the castle on your farm, I’m sure she’ll stop by for a closer look !

reward : 100 XP + 2,500 coins + 1 red sheep

Thanks for helping out ! seeing cupid’s castle really did the trick. Now all we need to do is find her a suitor !

share a red sheep with your friends to celebrate !

when finish this quest there should be a red sheep in the gift box ? but no.. another missing sheep glitch ? and there’s no event 2nd quest for valentine days ?

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  • Di

    The Red Sheep did show up for me after 2 hours. The system is a tad slow to sasy the least.