FarmVille Lost Puppy

By | April 16, 2010

FarmVille Lost Puppy ! did your farmville puppy missing when you put it on the farm ?


Our Known Issues Section has been updated with the following information:
Description :
After leaving your farm or refreshing, your puppy does not appear on your farm or does not run to your avatar.

Status :
A glitch that occurred shortly after Pets was released caused the Coin option puppy to disappear after being purchased. Developers implemented a fix for this issue shortly after this release. Currently there are still pathing issues with the puppies that can cause them to get stuck in a difficult to view area of your farm if your avatar is blocked in or difficult to reach.

Workaround :
If you can not find your puppy on your farm and your avatar is blocked in or otherwise obstructed, unblock your avatar. Also, please check the edges of your farm, and along fencing that you have put up, and in areas that a densely populated with decorations and crops.
Many players report that pets where ‘Stay‘ has not been selected from their pulldown menu previously thought to have ‘disappeared‘ are simply lost and will return when given a clear pathway.
If you have not already tried this workaround, please do so, as many players that have reported their puppies as being disappeared are finding that their puppies are simply stuck or unable to reach your avatar.

If you’re still unable to find your puppy, please be sure to answer the following questions :
What Kind of Puppy Did you Purchase (Coin or Farm Cash)?
When did it disappear? (After placing, Refreshing, Returning to Farm After Visiting Neighbor, etc.)
After it disappeared, did the coins return?

Update :
Our developers have introduced a fix to address some issues with the pathing glitches with the puppies that caused them to have difficulty getting back to your avatar.

If you haven’t already, please head back to your farm to see if your puppy is able to get to your avatar. If you are still unable to find your puppy, please follow the directions on top

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope this fix resolves the issue. If you’re worried about your puppy getting lost again, you can select ‘Stay‘ from their pulldown menu.
This will ensure they stay in one spot until you select ‘Allow Follow‘.

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  • Chuck Reynolds

    i still cannot find my coin purchased puppy i hope it hasnt been too long how do i contact someone