Farmville Luau Time Quests

By | April 2, 2012

Let’s celebrate hawaiian paradise chapter 4 in farmville luau time quests !
there are some stories like help maila throw a luau style party business and then dinner date for maila and troy in tiki lounge

here are some missions rewards :
Red Masked Parakeet, Coconut Guillotine, Tiki Tree, Iikw Bird, Hawaii Surfer Bungalow, Giant Water Hyacinth
Island Idol Fireplace, Coconut Punch Tree, Hawaii Tiki Mask, Tiki Lounge Table, Red Crested Cardinal, Hawaii Cruise Ship

now item links available 😐 here are the requirements for this goals :
goal 1: Luau Time Quest
Ask friends for 4 Kiawe Logs
Complete 1 Island Aviary
Make Poi 4 Times

goal 2: Shelling Out Quest
Ask friends for 6 Conch Shells
Harvest 25 Mussels
Harvest 1 Red Masked Parakeet

goal 3: Happy Hula Quest
Ask friends for 8 Hula Skirts
Harvest 65 Lilikoi
Make 4 Mussel Poke Salads

goal 4: Gettin’ Ready Quest
Ask friends for 8 Luau Invitations
Harvest 75 Taro
Harvest 45 Oyster Beds

goal 5: Sharp Dressed Surfer Quest
Ask friends for 8 Aloha Shirts
Harvest 80 Kona Coffee
Harvest Iikw Bird

goal 6: The Perfect Cover Quest
Ask friends for 8 Snappy Hats
Harvest 80 Yellow Hibiscus
Make Coffee and Cream

goal 7: Going Nuts Quest
Ask friends for 8 Bowls of Nuts
Harvest 85 Lilikoi
Harvest 60 Shrimp

goal 8: Beat That Drum Quest
Ask friends for 8 Bongo Drums
Harvest 110 Double Pikake
Make 4 Plantation Iced Teas

goal 9: Luau Punch Quest
Ask friends for 8 Parrot Treat
Harvest 120 Hilo Pineapples
Harvest the Coconut Punch Tree

goal 10: Eye of the Hurricane Quest
Ask friends for 9 Hurricane Glasses
Improve Paradise Reef to Level 5
Make Pineapple Hash 4 Times

goal 11: A Perfect Couple Quest
Ask friends for 10 Swizzle Sticks
Harvest 140 Hawaiian Ginger
Harvest 90 Ono

goal 12: Dinner Date Quest
Ask friends for 12 Lava Bowls
Make Island Fried Rice 2 Times
Make Island Punch 3 Times

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