Farmville Lucky Penny

By | February 18, 2011

Farmville Lucky Penny ! Have you ever wished had farmville wishing well ? Now your wish has come true! Throw Lucky Pennies into the well and store collectibles to get some great prizes!

lucky penny on farmville

you will need a lot of lucky pennies to get prize rewards from the collection, so make sure you collect them from now

Here’s how to get lucky penny in farmville :
– Asking your neighbors directly for Lucky Pennies by clicking on “Ask For More”.
– Spending five (5) Farm Cash (click on the “Buy Pennies” button) for five (5) Lucky Pennies.

– Give Lucky Pennies to your neighbors via the Free Gifts page.

– By visiting a neighbor’s farm and clicking on their Wishing Well (you get to throw a free Lucky Penny and can share a feed to their wall).

– Possible extra Lucky Penny bonuses when you throw (these can also be shared).

other ways how get lucky pennies in farmville is when you put the wishing well for the first time, you can share a post so your friends can send luck for you

lucky penny farmville bug
farmville went out of sync after throwing 5 pennies into wishing well
OOS after placed wishing well and tossed a lucky penny, come back & wishing well is gone, not in the gift box either

solution : wait until zynga fix this lucky penny glitch or send a support ticket

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