Farmville Master Lu’s Study

By | August 10, 2012

Learn how to get ZP and XP faster by building farmville master lu’s study !

Get more gifts by upgrading your master lu’s study !

place the mastery lu’s study and start collecting parts to upgrade !

material items :
stage 1 : 10 book, 6 dowel, 6 parchment
stage 2 : 12 book, 8 dowel, 8 parchment
stage 3 : 18 book, 10 dowel, 10 parchment
stage 4 : 24 book, 14 dowel, 14 parchment
total : 64 book, 38 dowel, 38 parchment


after you upgrade this building, it will generates even more ZP and XP !

Harvesting Master Lu’s Study :
At each stage of building, you can harvest Master Lu’s study for additional XP and books to complete later stages.
Master Lu’s study is harvestable once per day.
You can’t Instant Grow the study to harvest it
After you’ve completed the final stage of building the study, you can still harvest books from it in addition to XP. Sell the books for coins or re-gift them to your friends!