Farmville Megamind Decoration

By | November 4, 2010

Farmville Megamind Decoration ! not only you get mega grow farmville, you can also get a decoration when help out megamind

megamind decoration on farmville

what is megamind decoration in farmville ?
it’s an air hog decoration where you can see megamind riding on it !

to get farmville air hog you can visit the megamind farm and click the help out button on the pop up


megamind will thanks you for visiting his farm and is giving you exclusive megamind decoration and 1 free consumable, MEGA grow

you can share a post on your wall to let your friend know about megamind event 🙂

xxx has claimed their reward gift for helping Megamind’s Farm !
xxx just activated Megamind’s MEGA Contraption to show the world who is the most incredibly handsome master of all villainy and received TWO special items for use on their Farm!

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