Farmville Money Tree Free Farm Cash

By | January 25, 2012

Harvest a free farm cash from farmville money tree ! would you like to invest for this tree ? because it cost a lot cash too 🙁

Double your money in one year. Harvest 10 FC a week for a whole year, so a total cash you can get for this tree is 520 farm cash

money tree can be harvested in 7 days and you’ll gained 26000 XP
it cost 260 farm cash

but before you buy you might consider with these :
No Mastery
Can’t be stored.
1 Per Farm
Can’t be put in Orchards
No Instantgrow
After a year, it becomes a decoration with no function
10 FC per harvest, 1 harvest per week
260 Cost, 520 Max Profit (Provided you do not miss a single Harvest)
The worst part: No Mastery.

so do you still want to purchase this money tree ?

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