Farmville Mother’s Day Celebration Prizes

By | April 27, 2012

Get 12 days of great prizes ! Complete the farmville mother’s day celebration for a special bonus prize !

It’s time to collect mother’s day countdown gift ! new prizes added every day ! collect all 12 prizes and get a special bonus prize for free : mothers day horse !

here are the list of items you need to ask :
Heart Cards
Treat Packages
Patio Lounges
Herb Kits
Butterfly Balloons
Pond Decorations
Moms Day Wreaths
Flower Crates
Garden Bags
Wrapped Candies
Ice Cream Cakes
Rose Bouquets

too bad there’s now request links 🙁 and here are the rewards you can get :
Mother’s Day Teddy
Mom’s Favorite Gnome
Mother’s Day Patio
Mom Otter
Moms Vacation Home
Ducks in a Row
Mother Doe
Flower Cart
Mom Kangaroo
Candy Banquette Tree
Mother’s Day Teddy
Paper Flower Tree