Farmville Mule Frontierville Quest

By | September 29, 2010

Farmville Mule Frontierville Quest ! get the farmville mule from mission ! for a limited time, farmville players can complete a quest in frontierville to get this special animal

frontierville mule on farmville

when enter farmville you should see this pop up :
Get a special Mule !
Visit frontierville and complete the farmville quest ! click here for details !

click the pop up and you will go to frontierville with farmville mission on the left
The Farmville Quest I
– plant 20 crops
– harvest 20 crops
– buy three cows

after you finish, click claim mule and it will bring you to farmville
Congrats farmer ! You’ve successfully completed the quest in frontierville. You can find your mule waiting in your gift box

open gift box and put the mule on your farm 🙂