FarmVille MVP Co-Op Farming

By | April 19, 2010

FarmVille MVP Co-Op Farming. If you do co op farming job or join co-op farming with your friends sometimes you will see MVP !

job MVP in farmville

What is MVP co-op farming job in farmville ?
MVP is the abbreviation for Most Valuable Player, and in co-op farming, MVP means, that you contribute the highest percentage of work toward completion.

How to get MVP in co-op farming ?
whoever does the most harvesting gets the MVP
If you are involved in a co-op which is successfull at gold, bronze or silver and you have planted and harvested the most crops then you are awarded the MVP of that job. You get extra coins and there is a ribbon relating to it also.


you can share the MVP award in your wall, any friend who clicked ‘get a job reward’ will get the special bonus reward 🙂

and also there’s a Best of the Rest ribbon for co-op farming job !
Receive MVP on co-op jobs to earn the ribbon :
yellow ribbon : 1 MVP award
white ribbon : 10 MVP award
Red ribbon : 20 MVP award
Blue ribbon : 40 MVP award

so plant a lot of seed needed for co-op farming job and harvest them to get MVP award in farmville 😀

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