Farmville My Vineyard Prizes Guide

By | July 11, 2012

Have you checked out the farmville my vineyard feature yet? If not, check it out in here along with the handy guide for the prizes.

build a charming vineyard, find out what your friends think !

At each stage, you will be prompted to post a different question to your feed. Your friends can then click on an answer to the question about you. Whichever answer gets more votes earns you the corresponding prize.

After completion of each stage, your prize can be found in your gift box!

Option A: Take a Guided Tour
Personality Trait: Traditional
Prize: Vintner Gnome

Option B: Follow My Nose
Personality Trait: Contemporary
Prize: Valet Gnome

To earn your prize, you have two options:
Ask your friends to vote on an answer every six hours
Complete the stage for 12 FC

The next question becomes available after 3 days. You have 2 options if you’d prefer not to wait to get the next question:
Complete the stage you’re on in under 3 days by having enough friends vote before the deadline
Pay 2 FC to unlock the next question

here are the rewards you can get from my vineyard in farmville :
White Grape Duck, Grape Crushing Barrel, White Cypress Tree, Connoisseur Sheep, Chateau Stallion
Red Grape Rabbit, Oak Barrel Rack, Red Willow Tree, Gardener Chicken, Vineyard Steed

When you complete 6 Charming Vineyard questions, you unlock two things:
A personality profile, matching your personality to a perfect wine varietal based on your friends’ answers about you
A license to grow the type of grape needed to make your perfect varietal

The varietals of wine you can be matched with, and the answers you need for each question to trigger a particular varietal, are as follows:
Sangiovese – need 6 Option B answers and 0 Option A answers
Cabernet Savignon – need 5 Option B answers and 1 Option A answer
Syrah – need 4 Option B answers and 2 Option A answers
Pinot Noir – need 3 Option B answers and 3 Option A answers
Riesling – need 2 Option B answers and 4 Option A answers
Moscato – need 1 Option B answer and 5 Option A answers
Savignon Blanc – need 0 Option B answers and 6 Option A answers

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