FarmVille Mystery Animals

By | January 11, 2010

FarmVille Mystery Animals. Did you see the podcast today ? yeah the podcast for farmville just available today, you can see some new feature that gonna be released ‘soon’ in farmville 🙂
You can see the whole podcast by Lexilicious in the video, but i already make a review here :
the first thing is about FarmVille Free Fuel Week how it works, and for the new chicken coops works that your neighbors can help you feed your chicken coops to increase the chances to get mystery eggs.

Also the FarmVille Cowprint Limited Edition Items + Gifts and new crops morning glory on farmville. And 2 new achivements, new ribbons on farmville.

so what about the new feature for farmville future ?

sneak peak for future farmville
there will be feature for unused and unwated items, new activities for planting, plowing, harvesting and friends mission. Also there will be a new general purpose buildings including general store, post office and bed and breakfast.

And finally keep on the look up for mystery animals
mystery animals are a new type of mystery box that contain animals that have never before been seen in farmville.

so what animals do you think inside mystery animals ?
well i really hope there will be a farmville dog 😛

Unreleased animal in farmville :
– dog
– wild pig
– pink baby elephant
– rooster
– llama
– tan rabbit
– gray dog

Update : Here are the list of mystery animals you can get inside mystery animals box on famville :
– Peacock
– Jackalope
– Deer
– Ox
– Buffalo

and here’s the mystery animal farmville picture :

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  • matt

    I just bought one and i got a jackalope, which is a rabbit with antlers.

  • Lumi

    I only have 7 fv coins, How can I make my fv cash higher instead of leveling up!!!???

  • geoge

    you have to buy FV cash of the website i would hurry as only 5 days.

  • jessica

    there is also a porcupine.

  • a_the_man

    Just create another account and play farmville until level 12, then you have 16 FV$ and you send a box to your main account. level 12 can be reached in one day