FarmVille Mystery Box New

By | November 10, 2009

FarmVille Mystery Box ! a new mystery box, and i think what items you can get inside mystery box is different than the old mystery box.


“A new mystery box has arrived in the market under the decorations tab! all of its featured items are a steal at only 16 farm cash! check it out today!”

Mystery Box full of items you’re sure to love, including a White Owl and 30 Fuel Refills.

Here’re the list of items you can get from Mystery Box with XP points:
white owl 700 XP

– 20 fuel refills 500 XP
30 fuel refills 800 XP

acai tree 700 XP

white manor 1000 XP

large ponds 500 XP

gazebo 500 XP

there’s a new mystery box :
pink mystery box
green mystery box
silver mystery box

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