FarmVille Mystery Box

By | October 21, 2009

FarmVille Mystery Box 🙂 zynga just added a new feature in farmville called mystery box.

What is this mystery box ?
what inside mystery box ?

Since this mystery box is new, i’ll gather some information for you 🙂 you can read about mystery box below.

And you can buy this mystery box with FV cash, so you might want to read how to get farmville cash.

What is a Mystery Box?
It is under the Decoration Tab and costs 15 Farmville Cash.

How does a Mystery Box work?
You buy it and place it on your farm (it’s tiny). Click it and then click “Open” to reveal the contents.

What are the contents of the Mystery Box?
Here’re the item list inside mystery box :
Red Bicycle – 30 XP
Stripped Rest Tent – 60 XP
Lounge Chair – 50 XP
Picnic Table with Cloth – 60 XP
Fire Pit – 80 XP
Tree with Swing – 150 XP
Hot Tub – 150 XP
Gold Gnome – 200 XP

Here’s the picture for all items inside mystery box 🙂

Update: there’s a new mystery box on farmville, you can see the item list in FarmVille New Mystery Box

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  • Francisco

    I was so excited about my box, i was gonna wait until tomorrow to open it. But i read this post and i got excited when i heard GOLDEN GNOME. I OPENED IT, and got a stupid ass firepit.

  • madeeha

    mystery box is nice but when it will comes in farm coins…..

  • Punk

    Question: If you get one item, are there in-game mechanics that preclude you from getting the same one or is it totally randomized?

    • admin

      totally random 🙂

  • deanna

    hah. got a lawn gnome in my first box.

  • kppp

    if i buy it and then wait a while before i open it, will my prize be better? (as in a golden gnome or a hot tub, not a bike?)

  • admin

    no, i think it’s totally random 🙂

  • mickey

    i got a turtle in mine hes wicked he walks around the garden

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  • Kira

    I just opened up the new mystery box and got 800xp and 30 fuel refills. Not a bad prize but I’d rather have some cool unique item. Anyone else get something?

  • Louieman

    I got a large pond that was worth 33 farmville cash…pretty awesome :0

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  • neil

    I never got one, I created one account just to add a neighbour, and that sucker got twice, lol. One time got a gingerbread house, and xp is probably 1000, and one time a gold sleigh, i am getting frustrated not to get one,lol. and all my friends get lamb multiple times, (i have 8 neighbours), I get only calves! in regular christmas gift.

  • neil

    oh, one of my friend got golden arch/gate, something like that in mystery gift, its a gate and there are two red soldier on either side.

  • suj009

    s the mystery box for the first hundred gifts or it gets genereted for every 100 gifts or one for each day

  • Joachim


    Jeg kan se at vi fået en mulighed under Ribbens der hedder Trey of mystery. Hvordan får den nye ribbon i gang?

    Vh. Joachim

  • Thomas

    I have had three altogether, my first one I got a gingerbread house and 2000 xp, my second one I got a tinsel tree and 50xp and my third one i got another gingerbread house and 1000 xp!

  • Aimee

    do they still have them..?? i cant find them and i need it for ribbons…!!