Farmville Mystery Dinner Prize Items

By | August 3, 2012

Can you solve the mystery in new 12 days of farmville mystery dinner daily event ?

unlock all 12 guests to solve the mystery !
Unlock guests for your mystery dinner, and find out who stole the farmville jewels !

after you caught the farmville jewel thief brumby butler you’ll get Brumby Butler Horse as bonus prize !

items to request :
Constable Cap, Bow Tie, Fancy Pants, Lipstick, Pilot Goggles, Pocket Watch
Gold Necklace, War Medallion, Falcon Feather, Blush, Monocle, Driver Gloves

prize rewards :
Detective Dingo
Mister Moose
Bovine Belle Cow
Actress Gnome
Eccentric Elm Tree
Diplomat Dodo
Mrs Mink
Colonel Cuscus
Baron Von Boubou
Madame Meerkat
Professor Quack
Carriage Driver Tree

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