FarmVille Mystery Eggs

By | November 13, 2009

FarmVille Mystery Eggs. Mystery Eggs in farmville ? I got some mystery eggs to publish to my wall, it said “different colored chickens give you different eggs”


Yay for colored chickens! brown chicken πŸ™‚

so what is mystery eggs in farmville ?
Farmville Mystery Eggs is an adoptable eggs that you can get from your neighbor’s news feed updates, just like lost animals πŸ˜€ you must click ‘hatch an egg’ to ‘adopt’ it πŸ˜›


There are Premium White Mystery Eggs, Uncommon Brown Mystery Eggs, Black Mystery Egg, and Golden Mystery Egg. (you can see more about this in Farmville Chicken Coop)

What items you can get / hatch from mystery eggs on farmville ?
you can get this from mystery eggs :
Chicken Coop

White Chicken

Brown Chicken

Garden Gnome

Pink Flamingo

Black Chicken and Golden Chicken

What do you harvest from colored chickens ?
white chicken you can harvest eggs that will give you 8 coins in 1 day
brown chicken you can harvest eggs that will give you 16 coins in 1 day
black chicken you can harvest eggs that will give you 32 coins in 1 day
golden chicken you can harvest eggs that will give you 64 coins in 1 day

Update : now you can get colored chickens faster wit fv cash, read it in farmville colored chickens

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  • Ted C

    Mystery eggs information: There are 4 types of it,so:

    White Mystery Egg: Chicken,Brown Chicken,Pink Flamingo,Garden Gnome

    Brown Mystery Egg: Brown Chicken,Black Chicken,1 Fuel Refill

    Black Mystery Egg: Black Chicken,Golden Chicken,10 Fuel Refills

    Golden Mystery Egg: Golden Chicken,Tree Swing,Hot Tub,Fire Pit,Golden Gnome,20 Fuel Refills

  • Angry_Farmer

    always get desperately white chicken! unluckily

  • Diego

    Yay!! me saio un huevo negro!! es = q el blanco solo q negro xDD tengo duda del dorado


  • Edward

    My fiend has a black chicken and they are really cool!

  • Homeschooling Resources

    I have gotten a brown and black chicken plus a pinki flamingo so far.

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  • Diss-a-Point-ed/Hardy

    ive only ever gotten white chickens. Wish me luck babes πŸ˜‰

  • Grypholeon

    I hatch a black chiken from a brown premium egg!!

  • E…a

    i have about 20 brown 3 black and 2 golden chicks πŸ˜‰

  • renate

    I have yet to receive a mystery egg. Every day I try 5 or 4 times. all my friend get to give mystery eggs but I don’t. this is not fair. It nolonger is fun.

  • jason

    i hatched a golden egg and recieved an estate… i think u can get villas too

  • binit

    i hav hatched around 20 eggs so far … but everytime i ended up with a chicken … i m waiting for a garden gnome & pink flamingo !!!

  • mavi

    i get mystery eggs from my friends farms but it never shoves up all it says that the stuped chikens were so happy that i fed them they gave you mystery eggs but i dont get a gift can you help me with this does it go to your gift box or is it on your facebooks home page and do you claim it like a lost animal plz help

  • joize

    cannot find mystery eggs on my gift box. how to solve this?