FarmVille Mystery Gift

By | January 22, 2010

FarmVille Mystery Gift ! new mystery box is available on the free gifts tab.

Mystery Gift on farmville

So you don’t need to spend any cash or coins this time 🙂 You only need to asked your friends to send you this mystery gift.

What item do you get inside mystery gift ?
Mystery gift items are :
– 1 free cash
– goat topiary
– mailbox
– balloon
– calf
– 1 fuel
– brown cow
– horse
– 1000 coins
– banana tree
– 20 XP

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  • anom

    -Note that these boxes will NOT help with the “They of mystery” achievement

  • ash

    i got a elephant and duck topiary as well

  • pokecash$$

    you can also get date tree,pomegranate tree,olive tree inside mystery gift…..

  • ruds

    i got a an olive tree too

  • marth

    i got a grey cat from the mystery box

  • james

    – 1 FV$ (farm cash)!!!
    – 1 Fuel Refill
    – Hot Air Balloon
    – White Chicken
    – Grey Tabby
    – 1,000 coins
    – 20 XP, 25 XP
    – Banana Tree, Passion Fruit Tree, Olive Tree, Pomegranate Tree
    – Sheep Topiary, Buffalo Topiary, Elephant Topiary
    – Stone Mailbox
    – Horse
    that is the real list mate…

  • KJ

    I just got a brown chicken too.

  • mbdfar

    I just got an almond tree…

  • Miz

    I just got a hot pink hay bale, and a grey teddy bear.

  • Troy

    i got a heart teddy and a wise bear(grey teddy bear

  • Nicholas

    I got…

    – Birdfeeder
    – Hot Air Balloon
    – Grey Tabby
    – Greenery
    – Brown Cow
    – Ossabaw Pig
    – Saanens Goat
    – Baby Calf
    – Promegranate Tree
    – Mandarin Tree
    – FarmVille Flag
    – Grain Silo

    … and I believe I got a few more item. I guess the items change over time, which is cool I guess.

  • Anuradha

    I got a Garden Sundial, a flower bike, a stone mailbox and a green pinwheel

  • Anuradha

    and a saanens goat