FarmVille Mystery Wings Box Crate

By | March 23, 2010

FarmVille Mystery Wings box crate is here, find it on farmville market

winged mystery box crate on farmville, mystery wings 🙂

This mystery box is loaded with new winged friends for your farm ! it’s only available for a short time so click below to get yours now before they fly away !

hmm so we can get winged animal from this mystery wings box 😀

What animals do you get inside mystery wings crate ?
here’s the mystery wings crate prizes :
mourning doves
male ostrich
white peacock

butterflies on farmville ?
yes.. it’s true

here’s the images prizes for mystery wings on farmville :

note that there are only 2 ‘real animals’ that you can harvest : male ostrich and white peacock
the rest – macaw, mourning doves, and butterflies only for decoration 🙂

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  • Farmerdaley

    dude… butterflies? wats ur source?

  • EvilSeaOtter

    ostrich? That’s, like, odd. Then again, there are bears, elephants, and tigers you own.

  • Lindsey

    Just got myself butterflies! They look so pretty. Glad I got those, it looks to be my favorite and goes with the theme of my farm.

  • Patti Tobener

    Please bring back the mystery boxes that held the peacock and the macaw!!!! I play all the time and never saw these. I do have the ostrich. Please bring them back only 2 out of 50 of my neighbors have the peacock they were not around long enough. Had I seen them I would have gotten them..