FarmVille New Pink Mystery Box

By | November 18, 2009

New Mystery Box on farmvile, Pink Mystery box 🙂

you can buy this pink mystery box with 16 FV cash.

There are 5 mystery box in farmville : the first brown mystery box, blue mystery box, pink mystery box, green mystery box“>green mystery box and the new silver mystery box 😀

What do you get from pink mystery box ?
Here’s the list what you get in pink mystery box :
FarmVille Donkey + 500XP and sale for 2500 coins.

Water Tower + 250 XP and sale for 1250 coins.

Carousel + 500 XP and sale for 2500 coins.

Animal Float + 250 XP and sale for 1250 coins.

SilverStreak Trailer + 150 XP and sale for 750 coins.

Zen Garden + 300 XP and sale for 1500 coins.

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