FarmVille New Years Present From New Year Ball

By | December 24, 2009

Did you get new year ball on farmville from holiday presents ?

New Year Ball

Well i got one from holiday presents 🙂

You just unwrapped a New Year Ball ! Your prize can be found in your gift box

When i try to put the new year ball on my farm, i got this message :
Be sure to come back on January 1st to January 3rd for a special New Years present !

Wow a new years present on farmville ! i wonder if we must have this new year ball to get new years present ?

I hope every player can get the new year present anyway 🙁

And here’s how new year ball looks on the farm :

Yeah so big right 😀 and it have 2010 written on it.

What new years present do you think we will get from the New Year Ball ?

  • Kausha

    I just got one from my Xmas tree 🙂 yipee…hope its for good 😉

  • heather

    every player gets this ball at first unwrapped gift… i only hope that these NY gifts don’t be so “specials” as the x-mas ones…

  • George

    What if you “accidently” sold your new years ball? Is it possible to get a new one?

  • kathleen

    will the ball count down new years??

  • @George:

    I don’t think you can get a new one. If you can, it would probably be from another present.

  • Shelby

    you can buy a new one from the market for 10,000 coins 🙂

  • Yo

    You get a free level up from the new year’s ball

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  • Earl

    my new year ball did not work>>how can i get the free lvl???nid ur help dudez

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