Farmville Old Books

By | April 8, 2011

Farmville Old Books is a quest item you will need to collect to help professor milton for ancient drink – lionhead ale
old book in farmville – those books will help us translate the ancient writing

in book ’em goal you need to get 6 old books

how to get old books in farmville ?
click ask friends button to post a request or skip this requirements with 12 farm cash

here are some request that you can post :

xxx needs Old Books to learn about the English Countryside
xxx is helping Professor Milton discover the history of the English Countryside and needs your help in some historical research!


xxx could use your help in the English Countryside!
xxx is helping Professor Milton with his research in the English Countryside. Send an Old Book to help out!


you can also help your friends with this request to get more old book faster :
Thanks for helping your friend in need! Your Old Book can be found in your gift box.

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