FarmVille Organic Blueberries Mastery

By | July 19, 2010

FarmVille Organic Blueberries Mastery ! New limited edition crops available for some players today on farmville

organic blueberries on farmville

Organic Blueberries is a variation from Blueberries, organic blueberries seeds are available for a limited time, between July 19 and 26, 2010 as a cross-promotion with Cascadian Farm.

Cascadian Farm – Organic Blueberries stats :
cost : 20 coins
sell for : 80 coins
harvest in 4 hours
XP : 2

note that organic blueberries do NOT create bushels. Limited Edition crops never do, so you won’t see any organic blueberries bushels 😛

It’s national blueberry month and cascadian farm is bringing you organic blueberries ! Farm is bringing you organic blueberries !
FarmVille ‘s first and only organic crop is available until midnight EDT on 7/26 ! Visit to learn more about cascadian farm products and organic farming.

farmville organic blueberries mastery level :
level 1 : 200 crops
level 2 : 400 crops
level 3 : 600 crops
total harvest for organic blueberries mastery sign : 1200 organic blueberries crops

organic blueberries mastery sign

Does organic blueberry only available for USA players ?
organic blueberries are available to access to all players for temporary, because some players not from usa on the farmville forums can plant this seed. But now i think zynga already fixed it and make it only available to players in the US.

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  • Lily

    I don’t think they offer this item to players in the USA exclusively. I live outside of the US and still be able to plant this crop. However, if I open the game through the zynga game toolbar, this crop is not available in the market. Can you check it again? If it is available for USA IP address users olny, that would be unfair to players who reside outside of the US – especially, those who put the real money into this game.