Farmville Over the Moon Quest Join the Moon Festival

By | September 16, 2012

Join the moon festival with may in farmville over the moon quest !
this is maybe the final missions of jade falls chapter 16, because soon the new haunted hollow expansion is going to open for early access 🙂

some new moon themed quests rewards :
Moon Cow, Moon Tree, Lantern Sheep, Moon Queen Gnome, Moon Steed, Moon Dragon

goals walkthrough :

goal 1: Farmville Over the Moon Quest
Get 6 Legends
Harvest 12 Unagi
Make 3 Milk Tea

goal 2: Farmville Splash of Color Quest
Get 8 Face Paint
Harvest 18 Chinese Cotton
Harvest Moon Cow Twice

goal 3: Farmville Love a Parade Quest
Get 8 Parade Flags
Harvest 25 Water Cress
Make 4 Moon Cakes

goal 4: Farmville The Moon Queen Quest
Get 8 Tiaras
Harvest 30 Saba
Harvest Any Jade Animal Pen 8 Times

goal 5: Farmville No Sun of Mine Quest
Get 9 Candles
Harvest 95 Lemongrass
Make 4 Vietnamese Iced Coffee

goal 6: Farmville Moon Cake Quest
Get 10 Moon Cake
Harvest 60 Water Chestnut
Master Moon Cow 1 Star

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