Farmville Paint The Town Quest Explore Art in Jade Falls

By | September 10, 2012

Explore Art in Jade Falls chapter 15 on farmville paint the town ! kaiwen will guide you with these quests 🙂

new mission rewards :
Lucky Koi, Chinese Dragon Statue, Chinese Fringe Tree, Swimming Panda, Red Umbrella Tree, Dwarf Flying Squirrel

walkthrough for this goals :

Quest 1: Farmville Paint the Town Quest
Get 6 Mineral Paints
Harvest 30 Baby Corn
Make 2 Moon Cakes

Quest 2: Farmville Listen With Your Eyes Quest
Get 8 Palettes
Harvest 12 Unagi
Harvest Lucky Koi 2 Times

Quest 3: Farmville Chipping Away Quest
Get 8 Stone Chisels
Harvest 35 Bok Choy
Make 3 Takoyaki

Quest 4: Farmville Carve Your Own Niche Quest
Get 8 Mallets
Harvest 30 Water Cress
Make 4 Hot & Sour Eggplants

Quest 5: Farmville The Write Way Quest
Get 9 Ink Bottles
Harvest 40 Water Chestnut
Harvest Any 6 Jade Animal Buildings

Quest 6: Farmville Brush With Greatness Quest
Get 10 Brushes
Harvest 40 Green Onions
Master Lucky Koi to level 1

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