FarmVille Party Duck

By | June 19, 2010

FarmVille Party Duck 🙂 new type of duck special for farmville

party duck on farmville , a duck with party hat

maybe you already know that for now there are 3 special animals for FarmVille’s B-Day :
– birthday sheep
– party pig
– party duck

the rest are coming soon ? cow, goat.. who knows 😛

how do you get party duck on farmville ?
party duck is adoptable, so in order to get party duck you must look into your friends news feed and adopt the lost party duck

when you find a lost party duck you will see this pop up :
A lost, lonely party duck wandered onto your farm looking for a place to stay. Will you ask your friends to find her a home ?

click share and it will be post on your wall so your friends can click “Adopt the Party Duck” to get this party duck

Note that you can also see this party duck in farmville 1-year balloon 😀

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