FarmVille Passcode

By | April 2, 2010

FarmVille Passcode ! did you remember locked mystery box on farmville ?


finally i get a locked box when plowing 😛 open the gift box and you will see a farmville locked box.

put the locked box on your farm, you can choose “enter passcode” if you already know the passcode for locked box or you can click “get passcode” to get the passcode.

When you click get passcode you will see this pop up :
sign up to get passcode

but if you already sign up you should get the passcode in your email box in a few minutes !

there are 4 digits for passcode
enter passcode

so what is passcode for locked box on farmville 🙂 enter the 4 digits to get farmville locked box prizes.

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  • ghostboy

    Helo,i got the bos but Farmville do not send me the passcode,it alwost a week now,can you gimme yours so that i can try to open it up plz?

  • ora

    i need the passcode to unlock the box

  • Darksky

    I have not signed up for the emails and it isn’t letting me… can you just say the pass-code plz?