Farmville Perfect Pet House Guide

By | May 2, 2012

What’s your farmville perfect pet house ? what your friends think to build a pet park for your farm !

how this perfect house feature works ? read the guide below :
1. ask your friends to vote
Ask your friends to vote by posting a Facebook News Feed Share. When you collect enough votes you will be eligible to receive a prize and move on to the next question.

here are the votes items :
American Bulldog (Play Outside) – American Bobtail (Lay in the Sun)
Neon Building (City) – Suburban Cottage (Country)
Pink Diamond Tree (Flashy) – Candle Tree (Chill)
Jock Gnome (Meet New People) – Artist Gnome (Hang with Friends)
Marathon Hare (On Time) – Marathon Tortoise (Just Right)
Fancy Horse (Wild & Crazy) – Farmer Horse (Steady & Reliable)

2. redeem your prize
After collecting enough votes, a Redeem button will appear and you will be able to unlock a prize. All prizes will go to your FarmVille Gift Box. You can now move on to the next question.

3. ask for more votes
You can ask your friends a new question after completing the previous question. Finishing all 6 questions will make you eligible for a Pet House. You can also repeat the voting to unlock different prizes.

4. finish your perfect pet house
You will receive one of two designs of the Perfect Pet House based on the majority of votes from your neighbors.

here are the perfect pet house prizes :
dog or cat 🙂

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