FarmVille Pink Cow

By | October 10, 2009

FarmVille Pink Cow. So cute! now we have a new farmville lost animals, take a look for this pink cow 🙂

Ready to Collect in 1 day
Harvest : Strawberry Milk ?? Milk Sells for 18 coins
Rarity: Very Rare

Here’s the official statement :
Farmers, I just came across somethin’ I’ve never seen before in all my years of farmin’ – a PINK COW! I’m guessin’ this one must have grown up on a Strawberry Farm… She was so darn cute, I decided to take her in, and it looks like she’s already makin’ friends. Y’all should help these ladies out if ya see ’em.

After farmville elephant, now a cute pink cow ^0^ hmm.. they mention the strawberry farm so i guess If we harvest pink cow, she will gives us a strawberry milk 😀

You can’t find Pink Cow in the market of gifting, it’s only available by adoption. Another Farmville lost animal 😛 So now we have :
Black Sheep
Brown Cow
Ugly Duckling
Pink Cow

If you don’t know how to adopted lost animal on farmville, you can see farmville tips and tricks 😀

So if we list all the Farmville Cows, we have this picture 😛

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  • Ven

    I helped like.. a LOT of wandering animals but… When I published the event (I clicked on Help lost animal by the way)and I clicked ADOPT LOST ANIMAL in my Home page, the game still wont give my the lost animal… It’s not in my giftbox, if ever it be… So where should I claim it??? I want to put it on my farm…

    It’s very confusing and frustrating… Anyone out there who can help???

    • admin

      i think someone already adopted that lost animal before you. Just keep trying 🙂

  • Amy

    to get one of the pink cows to wander onto your farm, just plant all strawberries. the cow comes right when the strawberries are ready to be harvested, so be on farmville when the time comes. if you want one on your farm, tell your friend to do this and adopt it off of their profile.

  • Jordan

    no they have green cows too. the alien cow. what was it like… bo1vine

  • Joe

    this is fun

  • farmville freak :)

    ven, i think i know why you can’t adopt the animal.

    when a lost animal wanders onto your farm, you can only share it, not adopt it. you can adopt the animals OTHER people posts, but you can’t adopt your own.

    go to . when someone posts an animal you will know immediately, and you dont have to go to their wall to see it. it’s very useful. 🙂