FarmVille Pot of Gold Redeem Prizes Items

By | March 5, 2010

FarmVille Pot of Gold Redeem Prizes Items. As you know from farmville pot of gold you can change the gold with some items 🙂

pot of gold redeem

What prize item you can get / redeem from pot of gold on farmville ?
Here are the cost gold and redeem items you can get from pot of gold :
10 gold : Shamrock Sheep
20 gold : Flower Cart
30 gold : Leprechaun Gnome
50 gold : Spring Pond
75 gold : Lucky Fountain
100 gold : Shamrock Castle

pot of gold redeem images :

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  • angry


  • Stephanie

    I have already 87 gold in my pot, but it still doesn’t show the items i could redeem…. ugh! lol..

  • miranda=)

    i have 63,

  • Heather

    I’m at 102 and those last three still aren’t available…

  • Washi

    You idiots… do you not know what “Coming Soon” means? It means they aren’t going to release the last three until later. -______- Yes, it means to WAIT FOR THEM.

  • farmvillefan1990

    I have 98 gold. I’m curious about the last three.

  • jose

    no los van a publicar los ultimos 3 hasta el 21 de marzo

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  • FarmAholic

    I’m at 204 pieces of gold & the last 2 still aren’t showing up. They should get this in order before releasing it.

  • Laura

    i have over 400 and it still has showed me

  • imba

    ..i hate this pot of gold

  • Sarena

    The 4th reward is a spring pond for 50 gold.

  • jonathan

    lat two gold items dont show up an i have over 300

  • George

    holy crap laura really?

  • jojo

    did anyone tested the objects?
    i think the sheep ist just like a normal
    one, so you can colect wool, but what about the other ones? are they just decoration?

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  • Rich

    How do i get a pot of gold cause i can’t seem to find one in market

  • yashas

    hello im haveing problems redeeming anything i cannot redeemmm anything i clikc on redemm notin happens some help here

  • aappuu

    I didn’t find pot of gold in Gift box

  • Dante Steptoe

    I have been playing farmville for a some months now. In fact, the only reason i create a junky FB account was to play few of the games my girlwife kept playing.

    I can thoroughly say that the game is completely nonsense. Everything seems to take forever to do. The goodies are not even really prize , those are just encouragement to waste more hours with the application. All the current items like animals and enhancement that have been coming out needs FV cash. I will never EVER PAY for this crappy designed games ever so they are bringing down any chance of me staying with the game since all things is now costing real money. The only other method to get FV is to level. They grant you one FV for a level. But what’s the catch? the experience essential at higher levels to level, will make you have to play for weeks to get one level and your reward for each level is the ability to now plant several new plants and repeat it for another level. A lot of the plants you get have terrible pay outs and in many cases, they are so bad, that you will never ever plant them. Not even once. Other choice. consume real dollars on the game to play, a pretty trash concept. really not fun at all.

    What honestly pissed me off was how they enforce you to have neighbours to be able to extend your farm. None of my buddy play this crap, so I had to invite strangers and let these unknown person friend me to FB, giving them my personal data just to broaden a farm… it certainly does not make sense. I was really not going to add person I do not know just for neighbours, so I made fake FB accounts and false farms just to add neighbours. I can also log in to these friends and send myself gifts everytime I need to. This is apparently why you see so a lot of monthly users of farmville all the false accounts cause I can not be the only one that said to themselves I am not friending person I do not know for farmville.

    There are a lot more errors with he game too like gifts vanishing, out of sync issues, farms not saving properly, animals disappearing and the list goes on.

    My best recommendation stay far far away from this game. I can not even call this a game any more. It is a chore. Maybe that is what they were aiming for, making it tough work like running a real farm who knows…