Farmville Pretty Garden Ribbon and King of Compost Ribbon

By | November 18, 2009

Farmville Pretty Garden Ribbon and King of Compost Ribbon, New ribbon rewards on Farmville ^_^
For Pretty Garden ribbon you need to place 5 flowers bouquets on your farm to earn the yellow ribbon.
and for King of Compost ribbon you need to harvest 75 fertilized crops to earn the yellow ribbon 🙂

and there a glitch for pretty garden ribbon 😛 so you can get the blue ribbon faster.
here’s the step :
Purchase Garden Shed for 30,000 and it comes with 10 flowers
Place them on the farm, and then proceed to sell the garden shed.

Purchase another garden shed and get 10 more flowers
Place them as you did the first time (You now have 20 flowers plus you got another 300xp for the purchase.

Repeat the steps of buying garden shed, placing 10 flowers, selling a total of 5x till you have placed all 50 flowers.

Enjoy the fastest Blue Ribbon EVER, for 150,000 coins total, act fast before they fix this 😛

What rewards do you get from pretty garden blue ribbon ?
You will earn 250 XP and Farmville Flower in you gift box
– 1 Daffodils
– 1 Red Tulips
– 1 Pink Roses
– 1 Sunflowers

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  • Matthew

    The tip listed above for the Pretty garden ribbons does not work.

    When I purchased my second garden cart, I did not receive 10 new bouquets.


    • admin

      aww… that’s mean they already repaired the glitch 🙁