Farmville Pumpkin Party Quest for Winged Unicorn

By | October 17, 2011

Get winged unicorn by completing farmville pumpkin party quest ! this is another halloween missions that will be released soon, and actually you can get this unicorn from playing mafia wars 2

yup another zynga promotion to play other games, but this time they make another choice !
if you don’t like to play mafia wars 2 you can finish farmville’s pumpkin party goal and get this animal as reward 🙂

when this event is released you will see this pop up :
reach level 5 in mafia wars 2 – get a free winged unicorn
and a mafia wars 2 farm on neighbors bar with zoe as picture profile

you can produce foal with this unicorn too 🙂

updated : the farmville pumpkin party missions is here :
click the image to see the jack o’ lantern task requirements

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