FarmVille Puppy Kibble

By | April 8, 2010

FarmVille Puppy Kibble šŸ™‚ All puppies need to be fed daily !

puppy kibble on farmville

one bag of kibble feeds your puppy for one day. If you run out of kibble, buy some on farmville market.

so normally if you have puppy coins, Red Border Collie you will need 14 puppy kibble until the puppy become a full grown dog.

hover your puppy to see how many time left until it become hungry again
dog name
number of fed x/14 times
hungry in x hours left

how to get puppy kibble on farmville ?
you can purchase puppy kibble on the market for 5 farm cash ( 1 bag / 5 farm cash )
you can ask your friends to send puppy kibble from free gifts tab to you
or you can ask your friends to send you a puppy kibble via feeds.
you can ask by clicking the puppy and choose feed, if you’re out of puppy kibble you will see this pop up :

click ask your friends, and it will give you the option to post a feed

3 of your neighbors can send you 1 bag puppy kibble, the feed ramains active for 24 hours or once 3 of your neighbors have clicked. Neighbors who helped will get 100 coins.

you can see the puppy kibble in your gift box.

always remember the hungry timer for your puppy, because they can always run away if the timer reach 00:00

take care your farmville puppy with puppy kibble, and if you still confused you can read how to feed puppy in farmville šŸ™‚

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  • mieille duclos

    j ai acheter un chiot mais je le vois plus dans ma ferme pourtant je l entend aboyer j ai regarder partout je le vois pas

  • Does your puppy grow up? If they do, don’t you have to feed them anymore? and how long will it talke before they grow up?

  • marie harty

    Hi Farmville neighbours is anyone having problems with the puppy kibble when I go into notifications and click on the puppy kibble it does not accepted it, it just goes straight into Farmville and Iā€™m not getting any puppy kibble in Farmville requests. Please help Marie