FarmVille Puppy

By | April 8, 2010

FarmVille Puppy ! finally the dogs is here on farmville, and there’s a new feature fore these puppy too.


you can purchase a puppy on the farmville market, your puppy will follow your avatar whenever you go, and the puppy will become a full grown dog 🙂

here are the available puppies on the market :
Golden Retriever 65 farm cash
Sheep Dog 65 farm cash
Border Collie 65 farm cash
Red Border Collie 300000 coins


When you buy one of the dogs, you will see a pop up that said you must feed the puppy daily for 14 days, if you miss a feeding.. it will run away !!


you can choose the puppy gender – male or female
choose the available color – red, chocolate, black
and name your pet


Note that only the color available for the coin border collie is red, if you select a color other than red the price will change from 300000 coins to 65 farm cash

For cash puppy it won’t run away

once you’re ready to purchase red border collie, click buy. You will see another pop up that reminding you to feed your puppy kibble every day or it will run away


Feed the dog every day until it grows up. If you miss a feeding it will run away, and you will have to pay farm cash to rescue.

you can get more kibble from your friends or the market

once you place the puppy on the farm it will run up to you with a bubble overs its head with kibble inside

that means that your puppy is hungry and you must feed with kibble ( more info you can see farmville puppy kibble )

here some actions that you can do with your puppy :
move, stay, feed, sell, rotate, tickle 😛

so what do you think about these farmville dog puppy ?

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  • puppylost

    I fed my puppy, put him in my avatar trap with my avatar, and when I went back, he was gone! Can’t find him anywhere 🙁

  • puppylost 2

    that just happened for me too, i don’t know what to do 🙁 🙁 🙁 help!

  • Dora

    mine is gone too :(((((

  • Rebecca Jade

    Can you feed them all 14 bags of kible at once?

  • Martin

    It’s somewhere around the farm,just point somewhere in the farm the farmer boy/girl to walk and the dog will come, because it is on an option to follow you,

  • crystoff

    I heard from another forum, that he will come back if you unblock you farmer. It apparently works. Maybe you guys could give it a try!

  • Kim

    I found my puppy in my chickens so look all over your farm if you just barely got your puppy apparently the run all over the place. Anyone know if I can change my puppies name? I totally missed the part to name my puppy and now it’s named Spot.

  • Nicole

    I need to name my dog, my computer froze and now my dog is still named spot….. Please let me know if I can change it from Spot… HELP!!!

  • Brenda

    It would be so nice to find the puppy. I told my puppy to stay, but it didn’t. 🙁 I have taken my farm apart, but I still can’t find it!!! Very frustrating!!!!! I have placed my avitar in a fenced area, but since I told my puppy to stay it doesn’t follow or come to her. Help!!

  • Kristie

    I was thinking about buying a puppy. After seeing these posts, I don’t think it’s worth it. I figured that it would be difficult to keep it fed with it costing 3 farmville cash each time to feed it. Apparently, it gets lost too. I’m not interested anymore.

  • Reba

    To answer rebecca jade, I had that same question, and no, you have to wait 24 hours and then you have another 24 hours to feed it again. If you click on your puppy before 24 hours, you’ll see there isn’t even an option to feed it.
    and if anyone finds out about changing the name/gender, that would be helpful, because I named mine cher but accidentally made it a guy!