Farmville Purchase The Null

By | November 25, 2010

Farmville Purchase The Null ?? i got this null pop up when trying to expand my farm

expand your farm on farmville

you must purchase the null first, okay so where can i find this null ? i look on the forum and find out more where to buy null in farmville

but looks like the null isn’s an item, it’s a computer programming term and what happened is that the Farmville software had an error or didn’t load item descriptions properly

null definition in Programming :
A special value used in several languages to represent the thing referred to by an uninitialised pointer/database

A special value that may be stored in some database columns to represent an unknown, missing, not applicable, or undefined value. Nulls are treated completely differently from ordinary values when evaluating SQL expressions and there are several SQL constructs for dealing with nulls.


and zynga already aware of this problem and this issue is currently under investigation, so just wait until they fix the null 🙁

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  • jenelyn

    What is null and where to findit?

  • tasha

    i have the same problem and now i can’t get my money out of my winery either ugh and no one is responding back a few ppl i know has the same issues with it to any day when it will be fixed????

  • roger

    where can i get the null?

  • sultan

    how i can purchase a null ?

  • Bbygrl

    thank you very much. This sure helped clarify what everyone was telling me. People told me The “NULL” in Farmville was anything from a neighbor to a type of duck to a tree, to a type of barn…so YOU SUMMED THIS UP THANKS! 🙂

  • MIKE

    This realy blows. this game is so low on the programming scale and facebook can not get it working well. All the bs i went to get farm cash and now i can not upgrade my farm. BSBSBS!

  • Kay Vibbert

    I purchased farm cash but was told I must purchase a “null” to expand to 24X24. Please help.

  • Farmer Walter Lee

    This is Farmer Walter Lee having Problem down loading more farm land keep getting pop up saying Purchure the null first. Is it a virses???

  • jenny a

    Until when is this problem goin to be solve???



  • marsel

    we have the same problem
    when they going to fix at?

  • young

    i want expand land 24×24 fv say i need null first …i don’t know null what is null where do i purchase null its not on fv martket…help !!!!!

  • kathy

    I also had the null problem. I used the farmville app. on an IPOD, and the expansion worked. It also worked on someones else farm I know.

  • kristine

    i want to buy 24×24 for expansion but always told i must purchase the null first.until when is this problem going to fixed????help please…..thanks!