Farmville Rainbow Adventure Prize Items

By | August 29, 2012

Collect all 12 prizes on farmville rainbow adventure and discover what lies at the end of the rainbow

ask your friends for 12 days of items to redeem great prize !

here’s the final reward you can get :
prism unicorn

collect these items from day 1 – 12 :
Ruby Shards, Fire Feathers, Mahogany Seeds, Orange Flowers, Amber Shards, Yellow Spurs, Machineel Fruit, Green Caps, Turquoise Leafs, Blue Shades, Indigo Dye, Violet Flowers.

and get these prizes :
Ruby Fairy Gnome, Fire Bull, Mahogany Tree, Orange Gnome, Amber Dragon, Amarillo Armadillo, Manchineel Tree, Environmentalist Chicken, Turquoise Tree, Blue Hound Dog, Indigo Flower, Violet Sheep