Farmville Rainbow Rider Quests Magical Ponies

By | July 5, 2012

Help sheila discover the magical ponies in Farmville Rainbow Rider Quests !

this goals have 9 parts to finish, here are some of new item rewards you can get :
Double Rainbow Pony, Star Pony, Mystery Game Dart, Friendship Pony
Butterfly Pony, XP Book, Bumblebee Pony, Unwither, Balloon Pony

quest requirements walkthrough :

goal 1: Farmville Rainbow Rider Quest
Get 4 Rainbows
Harvest 50 Strawberry
Harvest the Horse Paddock Twice

goal 2: Farmville Starring Ponies Quest
Get 6 Fallen Stars
Harvest 75 Ghost Chili
Harvest Double Rainbow Pony Twice

goal 3: Farmville Too Much the Magic Brush Quest
Get 8 Magic Brushes
Harvest 100 Pineapple
Harvest Star Pony Twice

goal 4: Farmville The Magic of Friendship Quest
Get 9 Friendships
Harvest 125 Rhubarb
Craft a Fertilize All

goal 5: Farmville Getting Butterflies Quest
Get 9 Butterflies
Harvest 150 Golden Poppy
Master Double Rainbow Pony 1 Star

goal 6: Farmville One Smart Pony Quest
Get 9 Wisdom
Harvest 150 Peas
Harvest the Friendship Pony Twice

goal 7: Farmville Do You BEElieve In Magic Quest
Get 10 Bumblebees
Harvest 150 Chickpea
Harvest Butterfly Pony Twice

goal 8: Farmville Pony Mania Quest
Get 11 Rays of Sunshine
Harvest 150 Sunflower
Master Friendship Pony 1 Star

goal 9: Farmville Pony Party Quest
Get 12 Balloons
Harvest 150 Eggplant
Master Butterfly Pony 1 Star

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