FarmVille Ran Away Puppy

By | April 16, 2010

FarmVille Ran Away Puppy ! did your puppy run away on farmville because you forget to feed puppy ?

If you forget to feed your puppy, they’ll end up in the pound, and you’ll need to pay to get them out.

When you enter FarmVille after your puppy’s run away, there will be a HUD icon in the upper-left hand corner of your screen with a puppy behind bars.

Once you click on this HUD icon, you will see this pop up :
xxx got so hungry that he ran away to the pound. You must pay a fine to get xxx back.
And this time be sure to feed xxx everyday!
Pay Fine (2 FV Cash)

Clicking Pay Fine will take you to the Pets section of the Market with a ‘Rescue My Dog’ option.

Clicking Buy will take you back to your Farm and give you the option to place your puppy.
PLEASE NOTE: Your Farm Cash will not be deducted until you place your puppy on your Farm.

Remember that you may only have one Coin purchased puppy. That means that if your puppy goes to the pound, you can not purchase another Coin puppy. You’ll have to retrieve your original puppy from the pound.

so don’t forget to feed dog with puppy kibble so the puppy won’t run away 🙂

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  • Sharon Stamper

    my dog ran away and it is not in the pound it was nt a puppy naymore icannot find it paid to much can u explain what happend

  • Lizzie

    I purchased two puppies, one for £5000 coins (the Terrier) and one for £300000 coins (the Collie). Both have run away and I want to get the Collie back, but when I click ‘Rescue My Puppy’ it only gives me the option to retrieve the Terrier. How can I get my Collie back?

  • Ty Lee

    My dog ran away a few days ago, but the icon for the pound didn’t show up…

  • mickey staley

    my dog is not at the pound, no icon, what happened? I want him back, he’s the most fun of any other things.

  • SHAN

    My puppy (tommy) ran away with neighbors Puppy (Maggy)