Farmville Reunite Brown Lamb and Brown Sheep

By | January 6, 2011

Farmville Reunite Brown Lamb and Brown Sheep ! there’s a new progress bar feature that you can see above the farmville apps that will give you reward brown baby lamb

brown lamb and brown sheep in farmville

complete the steps to reunite them on your farm ! you must do this 5 steps :
1. install farmville app
2. provide email to farmville to get updates
3. become a fan of farmville
4. play 3 days in a row in farmville
5. invite 5 friends to help you in farmville

reunite brown lamb and sheep progress bar in farmville

for the last step : get 5 friends to help you can choose
you need 5 more friends to help lead the baby lamb home or unlock for 15 farm cash

but it will be change, here’s the announcement from Lexi :
Hey Farmers!

Please know that we will be making some adjustments to the new progress bar in order to accommodate feedback we have received from the community.

In the near future, if you choose to complete the feature by paying 15 Farm Cash, you will immediately receive the lamb as your reward, without being required to complete any of the other steps.

If you have already spent 15 Farm Cash to “unlock” the lamb, you will receive it when the changes to the progress bar are released.

Right now, we are estimating that this change will be implemented sometime next week.

Thanks again for all of your feedback!

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  • You need 5 more friends to help lead the baby lamb home
  • Pedro

    i had 5 friends join in and play. but it still says i need 5 more. what’s wrong??

  • S

    Same here … except mine now says ‘you still need 7 seven friends’!

  • jack

    mine says i need 11 friends

  • Angelique

    this is indeed freak people.. i did needed 5 new friends.. i know for 100% sure 5 did join .. i could see the publish on facebook and it still 5 needed .. and i cant find anything on farmville it self to speak about it.. wierd

  • FarmvilleProStyle

    I have it now, its very simple to get and quite worth it, hope you guys accomplish this because A.Its East B.Click and your done C. Free animals??!

  • Ich Bin

    I have been playing for 2 weeks, and i am unable to unlok the 4th step

    every day i play Farmvile it still shows 1 out of 3 days and i dont know how to solve this

    i have loged in, refresh page everything you could imagine but it does not count my progress


  • Kaitlyn

    I have all the steps done, except the last step. My friends wont help me out. Haha 🙁

  • last step!??!

    Doesn’t work… I click the last button OKAY, and it never shows anything.

    I have several browsers, on Google Chrome it just blanks the screen and sits there.
    On IE, it shows a duck with blue sky, and sits there.
    On Firefox, it darkens the screen and then I can’t click anything and it just sits there, have to reload.

    Please fix this cr*p!

  • miles sowards

    i did 5 people it worked for me. but how to u get lambs in to sheep