Farmville Romantic Carriage Parts Links

By | January 17, 2012

New buildable for valentine’s day 2012 in farmville romantic carriage !
There are 6 stages to upgrade and of course you’ll need parts to collect for this building. When you finish, collect some love arrows from it to redeem rewards from cupid’s garden !

use this materials links to request faster :
love link – flower trim link – carriage lamp link
love-link flower-trim-link carriage-lamp-link
horse-treat-link fancy-chocolate-link cozy-blanket-link
horse treat link – fancy chocolate link – cozy blanket link

so far no information what this building will be used for, redeem prizes, etc
i will update it when find some~

okay got the pop up here :
Build your romantic carriage with parts from your friends. The bigger the carriage, the more love arrows you can harvest for the cupid’s garden that is coming soon !

materials requirements for every stage :
Level 1: 12 Love, 12 Flower Trip, 12 Carriage Lamps
Level 2: 14 Love, 14 Flower Trip, 14 Carriage Lamps
Level 3: 16 Love, 16 Flower Trip, 16 Carriage Lamps
Level 4: 18 Horse Treats, 18 Fancy Chocolates, 18 Cozy Blankets
Level 5: 20 Horse Treats, 20 Fancy Chocolates, 20 Cozy Blankets
Level 6: 22 Horse Treats, 22 Fancy Chocolates, 22 Cozy Blankets

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