FarmVille Saanens Goat

By | March 9, 2010

FarmVille Saanens Goat ! new white goat on farmville, saanens goat 🙂

saanens goat on farmville

How to get saanens goat on farmville ?
just like farmville ossabaw pig, for now you can get saanens goat from mystery gift box.

If you get saanens goat from mystery box you will see this pop up :
Your mystery gift is the saanens goat! if you send a mystery gift to a friend, maybe they’ll return the favor!

find the saanens goat in the gift box
put the saanens goat on your farm or you can sell it for 90 coins

What do you harvest from saanens goat in farmville ?
you can harvest milk in 2 days from saanens goat for 54 coins 🙂

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  • FarmGirl

    I never get the Saanens Goat 🙁