Farmville Sailing Into The Sunset

By | January 28, 2011

Farmville Sailing Into The Sunset is the last valentine’s day goals in farmville

sailing into the sunset in farmville

great work uniting the lovers ! now, all they need is a hot air balloon to sail into the sunset above our farm !

in farmville sailing into the sunset quest you must :
1. add 30 valentines to your valentines mailbox
send them on their way with plenty of valentines ! your mailbox will overflow and be the talk of the town !
2. fertilize 25 fields on your neighbor’s farms !
in the spirit of valentines day, show you care ! visit your friends and help out around their farms !
3. get 6 bouquets of roses
no journey of love is complete without a few bouquets of roses !

rewards : 500 XP + 7,500 coins + love balloon

bravo ! the lovers are airborne ! i wouldn’t be surprised if they travell all the way to england before they come down from cloud nine ! share a special love balloon with your friends to celebrate !

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