Farmville Sasha The Grocer Quest

By | November 22, 2013

The farmville sasha the grocer quest has arrived ! Earn limited edition prizes by helping her out !
Hi, my name is Sasha !
I live on a nearby farm and need help opening a produce stall at the market in town. My father told me you had some of the best goods around ! Can you help me ?

part 1 reward : Market Square Pegacorn
1. Harvest 30 Lemon Trees
2. Harvest 400 Peas
3. Make 1 Arborist in the Craftshop
4. Make 5 Grade A Fodder in Elite Horses

part 2 reward : Harvest Market Horse
1. Make any 4 Milkshakes in the Dairy
2. Make 4 Dressings in Elite Horses
3. Make 5 Farmhands in Craftshop
4. Harvest 700 Soybean


part 3 reward : Harvest Clydesdale
1. Harvest 300 Kindle Onions
2. Harvest 150 Auroral Corn
3. Harvest 5 Santaberry Surprise in the Sparkle Cafe
4. Make 3 Cinnaburst Buns in the Sparkle Cafe

part 4 reward : Autumn Festival Pegacorn
1. Harvest 700 Broccoli
2. Make 3 Bliss Serums in the Apothecary
3. Make 3 Endurance in Elite Horses
4. Make 2 Large Cans of Fuel 5 Times in the Craftshop

if you’re run out of time you will get this pop up :
sorry you ran out of time ! i have to go back into town now ! i’ll make sure to come back if i need more stuff !

The final prize of this goals is a candy cane pegacorn pony ! when you finish you’ll get this pop up :
thanks again for the help ! i will be back soon to look for more things to sell. look out for me !