Farmville Scaring Stiff Quest Help Belinda cure Erik Werewolf

By | October 22, 2012

Help Belinda cure Erik Werewolf on farmville scaring stiff quest !
for this halloween missions lillian boyfriend, erik.. is a werewolf and always howling at the night when the moon is full 😐 so we need to help find a cure for him.

new mission reward :
Stone Willow Tree, Werewolf Hut, Solar Eclipse Tree, Forest Warg, Banapple Tree, Fuzzy Dragon

Haunted Hollow Chapter 6 goals guide :

goal 1: Scaring Stiff Quest
Ask friends for 6 Medusa Muds
Harvest 100 Green Toadstools
Make Crystal Cocktail 3 Times

goal 2: Howler Housing Quest
Ask friends for 8 Lycansbane Leaves
Harvest 125 Spectre Berries
Make Cauldron Stew 3 Times

goal 3: Praise The Sun Quest
Ask friends for 8 Sun Smoothie
Harvest 150 Sage
Make Fire Brew 2 Times

goal 4: Moonlight Delight Quest
Ask friends for 8 Moonlight Candles
Harvest 200 Wormwood
Improve Haunted Mansion to Stage 5

goal 5: Splice Thrice Quest
Ask friends for 9 Splice Creams
Harvest 225 Sage
Make Lucky Charm 3 Times

goal 6: One Sneeze Away Quest
Ask friends for 10 Polymorph Pollens
Harvest 250 Zombies
Make Werewolf’s Bane 2 Times

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