FarmVille Send 3 Spring Eggs

By | March 27, 2010

FarmVille Send 3 Spring Eggs ! have you collected a lot of spring eggs in your spring basket from your friends ?

not yet ? then you should read this and tell your friends how to send 3 spring eggs on farmville 🙂

i found a note on facebook “Send The 3 Spring Eggs At a Time!” by Rawand Bradosty and he shared 5 links for spring eggs, then i tried those link and guess what ?

it works !

Here are 3 spring eggs links :

3 Blue Spring Eggs link

3 Orange Spring Eggs link

3 Pink Spring Eggs link

3 Purple Spring Eggs link

3 Red Spring Eggs link

i don’t know if this is a glitch or not ? because as you can see these links are from farmville apps 😛
tell your friends about links for 3 spring eggs so they can send you one !


so send 3 spring eggs for your friends now, maybe they will send you back! and redeem spring basket prizes

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  • duangna

    hey hey lightchan I found this message from my friend

    “Re-post RED ALERT!!! Norton has just informed that the post for Send the 3 spring Eggs at a time is a virus, Rawand Bradosty is a HACKER from Pakistan , do not click on this post it is not legitimate, please copy and repost immedia”

    I don’t know about how truly this would but something that easy may cause something uneasy later

  • Nicole

    This is a great tip
    Thank You
    Works a treat 🙂

  • jo

    but isn’t he a hacker? virus?

  • Hilde-Marie Kollstrøm

    Send 3 Blue Spring Eggs

  • chanel

    it says on facebook that new farmers who just started playing for 7 days or less can send more eggs and find more eggs at a time.

  • daniela

    quiero mandar 3 huevos a mis amigos

  • Shane

    the links in this are genuine farmville links and not attached to any profiles etc and therefore cant be viruses.

  • Cutter

    I have been on facebook quite a bit longer than that and been farming the whole time. I was able to use this 3 egg link. I also know about 30 peeps that also have. Does anyone have any official word if this truly is a virus? Seems awfully silly of a hacker to post their name on a virus unless its his handle and hes doing it for street cred.

  • Hex

    NOT a virus, NOT a hacker – and he’s in Iraq, not Pakistan… Whoever decided to spread these vicious rumours is OBVIOUSLY not smarter than the computer they are using & needs to return it. Stupid gits annoy people who’ve been in the IT world 15+ years… don’t be stupid, please…

  • Kellie

    Links are broken now, because I cant get them to work, worked fine last night, but today they arent working. Anyone know why?

  • Tiff

    It doesnt work….

  • Lynda

    checked with and he is not a hacker. In their words “just a very smart guys” Regardless, of what anyone says, always like to check it myself on…. I think it’s a shame the farmville people took the link off except for new people. What about us long time players….? Isn’t all for fun and enjoyment??


    it doesn’t work at the moment!! huhuh’

  • Milo

    It’s been patched last night, doesn’t work anymore…

  • Ryan Pal

    stopped working today……I used a lot already!

  • Psyco idiot

    these links are no longer working….

  • lasalle1alpha

    this is the first time I played Farmville using my account. and lo n’ behold! I can send 3 eggs at once using that Free Gift tab… not that I care. I only did this ’cause my facebook buddies wont stop nagging about those dumb eggs…
    so in short, Chanel was right. Those who just started playing Farmville will have the privilege of sending more eggs… yey

  • Deborah

    Been sending 3 eggs everyday and all of the sudden it quit working

  • slick

    it worked when i first tried,,, but couple of days after, it turned out to be an error,, when i accepted the 3 eggs which my friends sent me, it says “error, gift not found (or something like that)” i guess its just a glitch, well, that’s completely understandable since there’s lotta peepz using facebook

  • Sarah

    It really works, just accept your gifts exactly in time because somethimes it is expiring, somethimes while your accepting you can see a date that was the date of expiring your gift, I’m not really sure if this sending 3 eggs is working because I tried it once only, but try it…..

  • Acelle

    I don’t think so!

  • Ed

    The link is broken. I does not work anymore!

  • ade

    It doesn’t work