Farmville Sheep Breeding Guide

By | April 14, 2011

Farmville Sheep Breeding Guide ! i found a good tips for breeding your sheep ewe and ram, all credit thx to Feather Picker

sheep breeding tips in farmville

So, here are combination tips for breeding sheep :

1. You don’t need to buy the 30 farm cash ram from the market. You’ll get a free ram by doing the quests. You can also get free rams by asking a neighbor to give you one. Trade them some mystery eggs, or some rare trees for one if none of them are kind enough to give you one for free.

2. Rams generally determine the pattern of the offspring. If your ram is polka dotted, the offspring probably will be too. If your ram is solid, most likely, the offspring will be too. I say “probably” because I’ve had a few surprises, particularly from holiday/limited edition ‘ewes’.

3. The background color of the ewe generally determines the color of the offspring. But the random factor really kicks in on color. A blue ewe can give you offspring that is anywhere from green to purple. The actual color appears to be marginally related to the background color of the ram, and some of it is pure chance.

4. All bets are off when breeding to holiday and limited edition “ewes.” The sunny ewe, shamrock ewe and luv ewe seem to breed to their expected colors, yellow, green and pink. But the Thanksgiving ewe and miner ewe appear to mimic the background color of the father, with the pattern stripped away (three tests on Thanksgiving, two on the miner). The clover ewe gives offspring that look pretty much the same as the father ram, with occasional color variations. (eight tests)

5. Valentine Rams won’t go in the breeding pen.

6. Primary colored animals (red, yellow, blue) are more likely to breed “true” — you can breed a red ram to a red ewe and your offspring will most likely also be red, but not necessarily the same red as either parent.

7. The mixed colors, orange, green, purple are more likely to give you unpredictable results when breeding two similarly colored parents. Two orange parents can, for example, give a red offspring or a yellow offspring. There’s just no telling.

8. If you want to get a new color or pattern in your flock, watch your neighbor’s feeds. If you see a lamb with a color or pattern that you like, ask if they’d like to trade lambs with you, and specify that you’d like a sheep like the one they just bred. They might remember what they used to breed it. No guarantee you’ll get exactly the same sheep, but you should get something relatively close. Remember, if you are after a particular pattern, ask for a ram. If you are after a particular color, you want a ewe.

9. Lamb color is roughly equivalent to the background color that the sheep will be once it has grown up.

10. Brutus, the free quest ram, has a deceptive color pattern. His “mane” is his background color, and his body color is actually the pattern color. Keep that in mind when breeding him. He also seems to have a rather “recessive” pattern. His offspring quite often end up with the pattern of the ewe instead of his pattern.

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