Farmville Snares Penguins Crate Links

By | November 28, 2011

After emperor penguins and chinstrap penguins already left to winter wonderland in penguin escapade, now help the last one ! farmville snares penguins

you need to build crate for this penguin, so ask your friends for parts !

the ticket inspector is onto your tricks, you’ll need to sneak these penguins aboard in a crate !

to build crate you must collect @10 :
– mini saw
– mini nails
– mini wooden plank

There are three ways to get Building Materials to help the Snares Penguin’s shipping crate:
Ask for More – Send the request for help directly to your friends
Buy – Use Farm Cash to purchase individual Building Materials
Complete Now – Use Farm Cash to complete the entire crate

use these material links to request faster :
mini-saw-link mini-nails-link mini-wooden-plank-link

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