Farmville Some Like it Hot Quest It’s Getting Hot in Here

By | September 6, 2012

Help johnny in farmville some like it hot quest ! because it’s getting hot in here on chili cook-off 😛
reward for this goals are :
Chili Cow, Unwither, Taligate Kitchen, Chili Dog, Pack of Turbos, Fireman Gnome, Peumo Tree, Mystery Game Dart, Chili Chicken

missions walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Farmville Some Like it Hot Quest
Get 6 Measuring Cups
Harvest 100 Peppers
Harvest Aviary 2 Times

goal 2: Farmville The Bell Pepper Tolls Quest
Get 7 Chili Pots
Harvest 125 Bell Peppers
Harvest Chili Cow Twice

goal 3: Farmville Spoon Quest
Get 8 Titanium Spoons
Harvest 150 Tomatoes
Make 2 Vehicle Parts

goal 4: Farmville Getting’ Chili With It Quest
Get 9 Chili Powder
Harvest 175 Jalapenos
Master Chili Cow 1-star

goal 5: Farmville Good For Your Heart Quest
Get 9 Beans
Harvest 200 Leeks
Make 2 Large Cans of Fuel

goal 6: Farmville Secret Ingredients Quest
Get 9 Oregano
Harvest 225 Coffee
Harvest Chili Dog Twice

goal 7: Farmville Stalking Chili Quest
Get 10 Celery
Harvest 250 Ghost Chili
Make 2 Farmhands

goal 8: Farmville The Best Chili Quest
Get 11 Paprika
Harvest 250 Onions
Master Chili Dog 1-star

goal 9: Farmville One Hot Chicken Quest
Get 12 Shredded Cheese
Harvest 250 Mustard
Make Arborist 2 Times

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