FarmVille Special Presents New For Holiday Tree

By | December 13, 2009

New FarmVille Special Presents for your christmas tree is available since the upgrade for the slot of holiday tree became 100 🙂

The new presents is different from the normal farmVille holiday presents that you can get from the free gift. This one have a new colors 😀

How does special presents works in farmville ?
When your christmas tree grow (when you hit the 20, 40, 60 and so on to 100) you’ll get a pop up and you can share the special presents on the news feed, so your neighbor will get a chance to get a special present.

How to get farmville special holiday presents ?
You can get the special presents from your friends farmville facebook news feed, when you find one just click the “Get a special presents!”

Hooray! i got a special present ^__^ it’s a coral present

there are 5 holiday tree special presents available on farmville
Coral Present
Polka Dot Present
Orange Present
Purple Present
Striped Present

What do you get from special presents in holiday tree ?
We must wait until 24/12/2009 😛 i will update this later okay =)

but some says that Polka dot present = 10 FV cash or 1000 XP , wow it’s really worthed to get many special presents right ?

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  • John

    You’re missing the “Jade Striped Present”.

  • Rajesh


    The Holiday Tree in my Farm (Farmville) is missing. It is not present in the Giftbox as well. Please help me how to get the Holiday Tree.

    Thank you,